Enlistment center/Secretary to Council CONTEDISS 15

Government Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri is enlisting for Registrar/Secretary to Council (CONTEDISS 15)

The Federal Polytechnic Nekede – Established in 1978 as the College of Technology Owerri changed to The Polytechnic Nekede, in 1987 further renamed Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri, by the Federal Polytechnic Act Amendment Decree No. 5 of 1993. Its projects are appropriately certify by the National Board for Technical Education NBTE .

Occupation Title:Registrar/Secretary to Council (CONTEDISS 15)

Area: Owerri, Imo


• The Registrar/Secretary to Council is a Principal Officer of the Polytechnic who will be capable to the Rector for the everyday organization of the Polytechnic and will perform such different obligations as the Council and the Rector may occasionally expect him to do.


• Take charge of the Registry Division

• Responsible to the Rector for the everyday organization of the Polytechnic.

• Functions as Secretary to the Governing Council and its Committees.

• Functions as Secretary to the Academic Board and its Committees.

• Functions as Secretary to other Statutory Committee.

• Responsible for keeping every one of the Records in the Polytechnic and so on.

• Issuing Certificate of Service, and so on.


• A decent respects degree from a perceived Institute of Higher Learning, furthermore, at any rate, fifteen 15 years related involvement; or a holder of Masters certificate from a perceived Institution of Higher learning, in addition to at any rate twelve 12 years related understanding, or a holder of doctorate qualification, besides, at any rate ten 10 years related understanding.

• He/She more likely than not had nine 9 years involvement in Senior Management positions in advanced education organization and must have proof of viable administration and proficient administration of material and HR; ability, uprightness and sound human relationship.

• He/She should be an individual from a respectable expert body/bodies in Nigeria and must be ICT agreeable. Any individual who isn’t a Deputy Registrar for in any event five 5 years in a Polytechnic or comparative foundation need not have any significant bearing.

• The competitor must be physically fit and ethically solid, and must not be over the age of sixty 60 years at the hour of presumption of obligation.

Terms of Appointment/Conditions of Service

• The arrangement is for a solitary residency of five 5 years starting from the date of arrangements and on such terms and conditions as might be indicated in the letter of arrangements.

• The compensation is united and the nominees will appreciate different advantages of office as might be endorsed every now and then by the Federal Government

Government Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri Nigeria


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